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Workplace health and safety can be difficult to manage. Your workers may be exposed to any number of risks on any given day – and there’s no worse feeling as a business owner than someone sustaining a serious injury at your workplace.

Emjay Insurance Brokers can help you take a proactive approach to workplace health and safety to protect your workers and your business.

We’ll help you assess workplace risks, so you know all your bases are covered.

How we can help

When it comes to identifying and assessing risks, different businesses have different needs.

If you already have a good understanding of the risks your business faces, Emjay Insurance Brokers can help fill in the gaps by carrying out a high-level workplace risk assessment. We’ll visit your workplace and provide you with general guidance about areas for improvement.

If you’re after a more comprehensive solution, we can undertake a complete assessment of your business. We’ll assess risks, identify gaps and evaluate compliance with the WHS Australian Standard. And our report will provide an in-depth analysis of workplace risks and areas for improvement.

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