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If you’re a contractor or builder providing professional advice, design and other services on top of construction activities, having the right professional indemnity insurance arrangements in place is absolutely vital.

In many design and construct contracts, the provision of professional services leaves you assuming liability for any injuries or losses sustained by clients or third parties as a result of these services. And in this high-risk and often high-budget environment, any claim against individuals or businesses for breach of professional services can be substantial.

It’s therefore common for contractors and builders to be contractually required to have adequate professional indemnity insurance arrangements in place to be engaged in design and construct projects.

Choosing the right professional indemnity insurance

A wide range of incidents and events can result in a claim against professionals, including:

  • Design failure
  • Losing a client’s important documents
  • Breaching a statute
  • Providing wrongful or insufficient advice to a client
  • Inadequate supervision or project management
  • Performing an act, error or omission that results in a third party suffering a loss
  • Failing to act according to instructions from a client
  • Inadequate communication with client

Contractors can be found liable whether they provide the services themselves, or hire consultants to do so. One mistake can threaten a livelihood because claims made in this area can be so costly. Even if allegations against you are untrue, you may still need to defend yourself in a legal battle. Professional indemnity insurance can cover the costs of conducting a legal defence and provide for any compensation or damages you are required to pay. It allows you to live assured in the knowledge that your livelihood and other vital assets are protected.

With so much potentially at stake, it’s not worth leaving anything to chance when it comes to your professional indemnity insurance. You can buy professional indemnity insurance directly online, but can you be sure it is really suitable for your needs and exposures? That’s why seeking professional advice from an insurance broker on the right cover for your profession and your individual business circumstances is so important.

At Emjay Insurance Brokers, we are experts in providing professional indemnity insurance advice and solutions to clients across a wide range of design and construct professions, including mining and resources; civil engineering and labour hire contractors. We have access to an extensive range of policies and can tailor a solution for your unique needs. Call us today on 02 9796 0400 to discuss your best course of action.

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