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Avoiding the risk gap: Why the right insurance is essential

SMEs worry about risks, but don’t insure against them. That’s the headline finding of this year’s Vero SME Insurance Index. According to the Index, a major risk gap exists. While many business owners have major fears about the potential for their business to fail, they’re not sure if they have the right insurance cover in [...]

Workplace Bullying – What Businesses Need To Know

If you thought that bullying in Australia was restricted to the school playground, you’d be wrong. Workplace bullying is said to be rife in Australia – and it can have massively negative outcomes for business. It is estimated that the financial cost of bullying to Australian business runs into billions of dollars per year, with [...]

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How to Minimise Supply Chain Risks

No matter what part of the commercial sector you operate in, one of the key risks your business faces is the threat to your supply chain. This is true across the world, with findings from last year’s Supply Chain Resilience Survey Report (released in November 2014) highlighting a number of worrying statistics, chiefly: 5% of [...]

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Underinsurance – What Could it Mean for Your Business?

It’s estimated that as many as 70% of Australia’s businesses suffer from underinsurance. If your business is one of them, the consequences to your livelihood could be enormous. Seek Emjay Insurance Brokers processional council for all commercial insurance matters. Put simply, underinsurance comes about when business or personal assets are undervalued against your insurance policy. While [...]

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Insurance advice, not price, matters

As the Australian economy enters a tougher period, the pressure on businesses to cut costs increases. For insurance advice and consultations, call Emjay Insurance Brokers - we got you covered. In these times it can be tempting, for SME business owners in particular, to seek to pay less for their insurance, or to cut back [...]

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