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Emjay 360º Risk Audit

The key to being properly insured is understanding risk. Our Emjay 360º Risk Audit assesses the critical risk areas across your business, from people to processes, contractual and statutory obligations right through to the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

It’s a process that captures decades of experience and puts it to work for your business; and it’s where we start with every client. It means we know you better and protect you better, right from the outset.

Some of the key elements that we consider are as follows:


This aspect of the review entails examining risks associated with the workforce, including contractor management and induction protocols, adherence to safety requirements and frameworks, and/or review of the potential hazards inherent in your business activities both on and off site. It focuses on mitigating the risks of typical accidents, injuries, and health hazards faced by your industry,


This involves analysing the efficiency, effectiveness, and resilience of operational processes within the organization. It includes identifying bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, and points of failure that could lead to disruptions or financial losses.

Contractual and Statutory Obligations

This aspect focuses on ensuring compliance with legal requirements, industry standards, and contractual agreements. It involves assessing the organization’s adherence to regulations, contractual terms, and obligations to stakeholders, suppliers, and customers.

Cybersecurity Landscape

Given the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, this component examines the organization’s susceptibility to cyberattacks, data breaches, and information security breaches. It involves evaluating the effectiveness of cybersecurity measures, data protection protocols, and incident response plans.

Don’t wait until risks escalate—take proactive steps to safeguard your business interests and improve your long-term resilience today. Reach out to our team to initiate the process or book your risk audit consultation.


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