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Insurers tell us that they’ve been doing it tough over recent years, with heated competition in their commercial businesses leading to low profit margins. While reinsurance prices have remained low, insurance companies have been jostling for customers’ business which has helped to drive premiums south.

This may all be set to change, with news that commercial premium prices are on the rise. Businesses will no doubt be keeping a close eye on premiums, but it’s important not to fall into the trap of focusing on price alone.

No one likes paying more than they should for something, but when it comes to insurance the lowest price doesn’t necessarily equate to the best coverage for your business.

As the old saying goes: you get what you pay for. It’s as relevant to insurance as it is to other areas of life. If your insurance is cheap, it’s probably because there are major gaps in the cover, which could lead to a nasty surprise in the event of a claim.

So making sure you have the right type and amount of cover in place to protect your business should be a top priority. Think of it this way. Your business is important, so insure it for what it’s worth.

Ask the experts

While it might seem faster and easier to buy an off-the-shelf insurance solution, can you really be sure that you’re selecting the right coverage for your specific needs? The range of insurance options on the market can be overwhelming, and the time you spend sifting through products and policies could be far better spent working on your business.

Yes, determining the right insurance coverage for your business is complicated task. Every business is different and carries different risks. So to ensure your coverage suits your business, you should obtain expert advice.

Insurance brokers are qualified experts. They are aware of the terms and conditions, benefits, exclusions and costs of a wide range of competing policies, so they can advise you on the most appropriate cover for your own circumstances. The knowledge, insights and practical experience a broker provides means you can be confident that your business is properly protected. By taking the time to understand and assess your risk, they can give you true professional advice. They deliver a personalised service, reviewing all available options and tailoring cover to suit your risk.

Let’s face it, no one loves buying insurance… until they need. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It really is – but not in the case of insurance. Remember, having the wrong insurance could be a recipe for disaster. If your coverage isn’t adequate, it could lead to your business having to close its doors. Don’t take the risk. Talk to an insurance broker to get the right advice and make sure your business in protected.

Emjay Insurance Brokers is the insurance broker of choice for the SME Association of Australia and are ideally placed to help you with all your insurance and risk requirements. Contact us today to discuss your needs on (02) 9796 0400.

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