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Contractual Liability

Contractual arrangements have a significant impact on business’s insurance programs. In any tender for new business, it is necessary to address the impact that new contracts will have on insurance arrangements.

We offer a comprehensive insurance Contract Analysis and Review Service. This not only identifies the risks under a contract that may impact on insurance, but provides strategies to minimise the risks.

Our service identifies:

  • The terms in a contract which, if they remain, will result in a breach of the terms of an insurance policy and could lead to difficulties in getting claims paid
  • Liabilities imposed by the contract that will not be covered by insurance
  • Disclosures that must be made to an insurer
  • Obligations to arrange insurance imposed by the contract
  • Changes to the contract which will reduce the impact on existing insurance programs and make it easier to arrange insurance cover specified under a contract
  • Negotiation of changes to contracts

Should you require non Insurance related contract terms or amendments we can provide you with a proposal in conjunction with our legal partners – Gillis Delaney Lawyers. With prices based on the length of the contract to be reviewed and the number of insurance policies to be reviewed. It will cost less than you think, and could make all the difference in the event of a claim.

For more information about how our Contract Analysis and Review service could help you live assured, contact Emjay Insurance Brokers on 02 9796 0400.