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Beat the heat – Educate your workers about sun safety

Fatigue and heat stress are major causes of injury during the summer months, so as the weather heats up employers and supervisors of outdoor workers need to be aware of the importance of sun safety. Did you know that in the three years to July 2014, there were 228 workers’ compensation claims in NSW for [...]

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Effective Workplace Risk Management

All businesses are required by law to manage their workplace risks to ensure as safe a working environment as possible. Workplace risk management is critical to ensure the longevity of your business. There are no completely safe workplaces. Accidents will happen, but effective risk management programs allow businesses to identify the hazards that exist in [...]

NSW Workers Compensation Insurance Premium System Changes

WorkCover NSW has announced major changes to the NSW workers compensation insurance premium system, which will take effect for all new policies and renewals on or after 30 June 2015. These changes are intended to: enable safety spending and to reward employers who maintain a safe working environment; encourage and reward early return to work; and [...]

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