Farming goes high tech – Using data for farm risk management

It’s estimated that the world’s population will reach a staggering 9 billion people by 2050. And according to the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organisation, by 2050 we’ll need to produce 70 per cent more food to feed our increasingly crowded world. But how can we possibly meet this enormous additional demand? Productivity is the [...]

Cyber insurance – More important than ever with new laws on horizon

Cyber security breaches were big news in 2015. It seemed barely a day went by where the media wasn’t reporting yet another major hack somewhere in the world. According to US-based Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, there were more than 120 million personal records breached globally in just the first eight months of 2015. This was up [...]

Attack of the drones?

Just a couple of years ago, if you heard the word ‘drone’ it was generally associated with military strikes in far-off battle zones. Now, drone use for commercial and personal reasons is rapidly on the rise. So how could drones benefit businesses in Australia in the future? Here are some possible drone applications that might [...]

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