Are your office employees too static?

Recent research from the UK and USA makes for depressing reading if you run a business which involves your staff doing a lot of sitting around. While they may be incredibly productive, chair-bound workers are increasingly being encouraged to be more active around the office in order to improve their long-term physical and mental health. [...]

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Performance matters – Why it’s time to get real about employee engagement

In a bold move, global professional services firm KPMG recently opted to dump its annual employee engagement survey. Why? Accordingly to Robert Bolton, the lead partner of KPMG’s global HR transformation centre of excellence, “[the] term ‘engagement’ is abused, it’s misunderstood, it’s not evidence-based and it’s a minefield”. The days of the annual employee engagement [...]

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The Cost of Workplace Bullying

Bullying. No, it doesn’t just happen in the school playground. It’s rife in workplaces across Australia and businesses are counting the cost. Productivity Commission research estimates the total cost of bullying to the Australian economy to be $15 billion each year. And research released in 2014 by the University of South Australia revealed that Australia [...]

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Qualities of a Successful SME Leader

Strong leadership is important to the success of any business, but it’s especially critical for SMEs. And effective leadership doesn’t stop with you as the business owner. Directors, managers and supervisors all have a leadership role to play in your business. So selecting the right people to join your leadership team is critical to securing [...]

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Beat the heat – Educate your workers about sun safety

Fatigue and heat stress are major causes of injury during the summer months, so as the weather heats up employers and supervisors of outdoor workers need to be aware of the importance of sun safety. Did you know that in the three years to July 2014, there were 228 workers’ compensation claims in NSW for [...]

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Is your Christmas party a high risk for your business?

Company Christmas parties are a great opportunity to get employees together. But they can also present a plethora of potential risks. Add social media to the mix and even slight misconducts can be amplified if they go viral. What might once have been a slight embarrassment handled promptly and quietly by the company, can now [...]

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Is unfriending a colleague on Facebook workplace bullying?

Much has been made in the Australian press about a Tasmanian Fair Work Commission ruling that a real estate sales administrator’s decision to unfriend a fellow employee on Facebook constituted evidence of bullying. What you may have missed among some of the sensationalist headlines (such as “Unfriending colleagues on Facebook is bullying in Tasmania!”), however, [...]

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Workplace Bullying – What Businesses Need To Know

If you thought that bullying in Australia was restricted to the school playground, you’d be wrong. Workplace bullying is said to be rife in Australia – and it can have massively negative outcomes for business. It is estimated that the financial cost of bullying to Australian business runs into billions of dollars per year, with [...]

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Effective Workplace Risk Management

All businesses are required by law to manage their workplace risks to ensure as safe a working environment as possible. Workplace risk management is critical to ensure the longevity of your business. There are no completely safe workplaces. Accidents will happen, but effective risk management programs allow businesses to identify the hazards that exist in [...]

Emjay Director Up Broker Of The Year Award

Last week we were very pleased to receive confirmation that Jeff Murdoch, one of Emjay Insurance Brokers’ Directors, was one of three finalists for the Broker of the Year Award for the NSW/ACT region. Jeff has been part of the team at Emjay Insurance Brokers for nearly a decade, joining us in 2006 after 17 years’ [...]

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