SME’s Fall Victim to Cyber Attack

  As of last week there has been a monumental cyber attack on small to large businesses around the world. The cyber crime attacks unleashed ransomware software - figuratively holding confidential information of users up for ransom until a payment to release the data was made. The data breach malware known as “Wannacry” targeted Microsoft computers running the Windows [...]

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The large and small of D&O – Do you need Directors and Officers insurance?

As organisations of all sizes, from large multinationals to SMEs, come under increasing pressure they are turning to Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) liability insurance – or should be! We live in a litigious society and company directors and officers are increasingly being held personally liable for the wide range of management decisions they make throughout [...]

No one loves insurance… until they need it!

Insurers tell us that they’ve been doing it tough over recent years, with heated competition in their commercial businesses leading to low profit margins. While reinsurance prices have remained low, insurance companies have been jostling for customers’ business which has helped to drive premiums south. This may all be set to change, with news that [...]

Qualities of a Successful SME Leader

Strong leadership is important to the success of any business, but it’s especially critical for SMEs. And effective leadership doesn’t stop with you as the business owner. Directors, managers and supervisors all have a leadership role to play in your business. So selecting the right people to join your leadership team is critical to securing [...]

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SME insurance brokers – supporting the engine room of Australia’s economy

Small to medium enterprises are critical to Australia’s economic growth and prosperity. Let’s look at some numbers. A whopping 1.2 million SMEs across the nation employ more than five million people. That’s almost 65 per cent of our country’s workforce, which makes SMEs the largest employer in Australia. And as one of the fastest growing [...]

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