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Are your office employees too static?

Recent research from the UK and USA makes for depressing reading if you run a business which involves your staff doing a lot of sitting around. While they may be incredibly productive, chair-bound workers are increasingly being encouraged to be more active around the office in order to improve their long-term physical and mental health. [...]

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The world is changing… fast! Do you have a risk management plan in place?

Our world is changing faster than ever before. And these changes are across the board – new technologies, new business practices and new ways of thinking. SME business owners need to keep up or be faced with the prospect of having to catch up. As an SME business owner, you’re faced with the tough task [...]

Is unfriending a colleague on Facebook workplace bullying?

Much has been made in the Australian press about a Tasmanian Fair Work Commission ruling that a real estate sales administrator’s decision to unfriend a fellow employee on Facebook constituted evidence of bullying. What you may have missed among some of the sensationalist headlines (such as “Unfriending colleagues on Facebook is bullying in Tasmania!”), however, [...]

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Attack of the drones?

Just a couple of years ago, if you heard the word ‘drone’ it was generally associated with military strikes in far-off battle zones. Now, drone use for commercial and personal reasons is rapidly on the rise. So how could drones benefit businesses in Australia in the future? Here are some possible drone applications that might [...]

Tips To Protect Your Business Information From Cyber Risk

It’s official: cyber risk is rife in Australia. According to a new report released by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), the estimated annual cost to Australian business as a result of cybercrime attacks is over $1bn per year. The report also highlights a 20% increase in cybercrime over the past year, with banking systems, [...]

Contractual Liability Insurance – Know Your Risks

Contractual liability insurance is necessary for all business owners. It is a thing that all business owners and contractors have in common. It is vital to have agreements in place to legally provide or purchase goods and services, to lease property or equipment, or for labour hire purposes. The vast majority of these contracts are [...]

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Construction Industry Professionals

If you’re a contractor or builder providing professional advice, design and other services on top of construction activities, having the right professional indemnity insurance arrangements in place is absolutely vital. In many design and construct contracts, the provision of professional services leaves you assuming liability for any injuries or losses sustained by clients or third [...]

Best Practice – Mobile Plant and Machinery Insurance

With the recent downturns in mining, upturns in construction, especially in New South Wales and Victoria, as well as the impact of the Australian dollar, it has seen a change in the market. It has become far more critical to provide updated and market- relevant Agreed Value valuations. Business owners should acquire valuations for insurance [...]

Environmental Liability Insurance – who needs it?

A Major Environmental Liability event can result in first party and third party clean up costs, a third party consequential loss claim, fines and penalties for the entity as well as the individual Director – does your current Insurance Program Protect you? Every business has a responsibility to ensure they are not damaging the environment. [...]

NSW Workers Compensation Insurance Premium System Changes

WorkCover NSW has announced major changes to the NSW workers compensation insurance premium system, which will take effect for all new policies and renewals on or after 30 June 2015. These changes are intended to: enable safety spending and to reward employers who maintain a safe working environment; encourage and reward early return to work; and [...]

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