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Workplace watchdog slams reckless worksite conduct

A case involving the death of a construction worker at the University of Canberra Hospital worksite serves as a timely reminder of how vigilent companies need to be when it comes to their workplace health and safety systems and procedures. The worker was killed in August 2016, after an incident involving a mobile crane. The [...]

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Combating cloud-based cyber threats

Cloud computing continues to transform the way businesses use, store and share data, applications and workloads. It’s also introduced a host of new security threats and challenges. With so much data going into the cloud, these resources have become natural targets for hackers. Do you use any cloud-based solutions, such as Microsoft’s Office 365, in [...]

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Energy price hikes: The inconvenient truth about government inaction

“Domestic power bills surge.” “Businesses brace for crippling price increases.” “Energy crisis looms.” Media headlines scream daily of the impact of the decade-long national deadlock on energy policy. But as the destructive wave of price hikes for both consumers and businesses looks set to continue unabated, the question is: when will the government take action? [...]

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Handling a hack: Why cyber security is a big risk for small business

Stories of cyber security breaches are so commonplace that many of us now switch off when we hear them. But if you’re a business owner, switching off is the last thing you can afford to do, as a recent series of unprecedented cyber attacks continues to leave businesses around the world reeling. Starting in May [...]

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Improve Productivity and Mitigate Business Risk with Employee Engagement

One of your company's greatest risks are your employees. For majority of businesses, employees are on the frontline and drive the entire offering of the company. This means that employee happiness should be a goal that company owners should strive for. Creating a happy and thriving workplace in turn creates a place with high employee [...]

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Celebrating 30 years – Happy birthday, Emjay

April marked 30 years since Mario Cuena decided to set his own course in the insurance industry and establish Emjay Insurance Brokers. Here Mario reflects on Emjay’s success over the last three decades and says thanks to those who made it possible. “Over the course of 30 years, a lot has changed in the insurance [...]

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CAR 095 “PYBASH” – Variety Children’s Charity

We support CAR 095 “PYBASH” in raising funds for Variety Children’s Charity of Australia. Each and every year we donate and contribute towards to the Variety ‘Bass Hill to Bunbury Bash' for special children in Australia who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs. As a shared sponsor and contributor for CAR 095 “PYBASH” almost $50,000 [...]

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Why we’re backing Chad !

Over four weeks in August and September, a remarkable young man named Chad Graham will be tackling a grueling 4800km off-road journey from Kalgoorlie in WA to Cobar in NSW – all in the name of charity. As a 16-year-old, back in 2007, keen sportsman Chad was involved in a motocross accident that dislocated his [...]

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Emjay Charity Golf Day – Supporting Orphans in Africa

We’ve written previously about the Emjay Insurance Brokers Charity Golf Day, and about what great support we’ve received from the insurance industry to raise funds for the Communities Assist charity. Our 2015 event took place in March, and has raised more than $30,000 for the charity, which helps to improve the welfare and economic outlook [...]

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